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Automatic game video, highlights and stats for everyday leagues!

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Player Experience
Offer players more with every game & promote your league with automatically generated videos.
Courtside Scoring
Forget confusing scoresheets. Our scoring app is easier to use, and it captures more information.
League Management
Manage league, teams, players and more with our easy league management app. Multiple sports - one simple interface.

World's Best Player Experience

Your players will be blown away by the Glory League post-game experience.

Full-game video, highlight reels, leaderboards, shot charts, infographics, and more.

Highlight of Your Week

Every game played on Glory League generates hundreds of unique and shareable video highlights.

Full-Length Video

Players, coaches, supporters and more enjoy access to full-length videos of every game.

Intelligent Virtual Cameraman

The camera moves as though controlled by a person. No camera operator required.

Stats, Lots of Stats

Box scores, shot charts, leaderboards, infographics, line graphs. We've got stats, baby.

Make my league incredible today!

Keep Score Like the Pros

Wave goodbye to paper scoresheets.

Say hello to our intuitive new scoring app.

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Easy to Learn

Score your first game in minutes.
We're not kidding – this app is incredibly easy to use.

Play-by-play Detail

Every event in the game is captured and submitted along with the final score. This powers the player experience.

Automatic Submission

No more chasing down lost scoresheets and entering results by hand. It's all taken care of.

Intelligent Video Capture

When you tip off a game, the courtside camera automatically starts recording the action.

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Effortlessly Take Care of Business

Reduce stress and save time and money.

Focus instead on making your league really amazing.

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No Software to Install

Setup your first league in minutes. No software to install. Access-from-anywhere via the cloud.

Built for League Managers

We built Glory League from the ground up in partnership with excellent League Managers.

Intelligent Relationships

Relationships between players, coaches, supporters etc. are remembered as you manage your leagues.

Save Time & Money

Focus instead on making your league really amazing!

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