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Full game video, highlights and stats for everyday leagues!

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Player Experience
Everyday players feel like NBA superstars with professional quality automated full game video, personal highlight reels and stats.
Courtside Scoring
Games are scored via an easy to use iPad app which also captures extra information.
League Optimisation
Manage leagues, teams and players, reduce admin, engage with the community and generate amazing content.

The Ultimate Player Experience

Amazing on-court memories and moments live on beyond the hardwood.

The Glory League post-game experience features full-game video, highlight reels, leaderboards, shot charts, infographics and more.

Relive Every Game

Every game played on Glory League generates hundreds of unique and shareable video highlights.

Full-Game Video

Players, coaches, referees and supporters enjoy access to full-length videos of every game.

Highlight Reels

Personal, team and game highlight reels and videos are produced for every game.

Stats, Lots of Stats

Access to box scores, shot charts, leaderboards, infographics and more.

Score Games With Ease

Wave goodbye to paper scoresheets.

Say hello to our intuitive new scoring app.

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Easy to Learn

Start scoring your first game in minutes. We're not kidding - the app is incredibly easy to use.

Play-by-Play Detail

Important moments in the game are captured and submitted along with the final score. This powers the player experience.

Automatic Submission

No more chasing down lost scoresheets and entering results by hand. It's all taken care of.

Intelligent Video Capture

When you tip off a game, the courtside camera automatically starts recording the action.

Elevate Your League to New Heights

Optimise your entire league - admin processes, community engagement, player retention, referee development. Add immense value and make your league truly incredible.

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The intelligent virtual cameraman moves as though controlled by a person. No camera operator is required so costs are lower.

Develop Referees, Coaches and Players

Video footage allows referees, coaches and players the ability to review themselves and analyse areas for improvement.

Community Engagement

Utilise amazing video content on social media to engage in a meaningful way with your community.

Save Time & Resources

Glory League reduces administration. Focus instead on making your league amazing!

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