League owners, players, parents, and administrators had this to say about Glory League

Quote A significantly enhanced player experience, the feedback has been unanimously positive. As a result of Glory League we have had record participation. Quote

John Hunt
Harbour Basketball CEO

Quote Me and my friends log in and check out our games. See cool moves we do. Learn from mistakes we made and check out each other’s games. It’s rad! Quote

Luka Street
11 years old

Quote Just wanted to say thanks a million! I used Glory League clips to put together an 11 minute highlight reel for Tara!! I posted this on Youtube and she has had emails from 6 schools in the States asking her to apply next year! UNBELIEVABLE! Quote

Rebecca Langton

Quote I spend time with my son most weeks reviewing his game. I love the system; it is improving all the time. I did the score bench last night and love the iPad system. Really cool stuff. Quote

Darren Hayward
Father of high school player