What is Glory League?

Glory League is a fully automated cost-effective video engagement system for amateur basketball.

It makes everyday players feel like NBA superstars with professional quality full game video, personal highlight reels and stats. Players then relive and share their moments with family, friends and teammates.

Glory League gets players hooked on the game by capturing amazing on-court memories and moments so they live on beyond the hardwood.

Overview 1

How does it work?

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Glory League is easy to install and use.

A video camera is mounted above the court.

An iPad app scores the game and starts the recording.

The automated camera zooms in and follows the game, just like a professional camera operator.

Each point scored is cut into a highlight video for the player involved.

Every player, coach, parent or supporter is emailed a link to the game video, player highlights and statistics.

Videos are shared via email or social media and users relive their favourite moments again and again.

Our Story

Glory League is dedicated to enhancing the experience for basketballers of all levels.

The company was founded in New Zealand by a passionate club player who wanted to relive his game and extend his basketball experience.

It was quickly embraced by basketball associations who recognised how this innovative product provides huge value to their leagues and differentiates them in a competitive marketplace. More than 60 basketball courts and over 25,000 players utilise Glory League.

66% of all players visit the Glory League website an average of 7 times per month, spending 5 minutes on the site per visit.

Glory League won the Innovation Excellence Award at the 2017 New Zealand Sport and Recreation Awards.

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